Not everyone gets to see Africa


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  1. Sharon Fluker says:

    Hi Claire, I have just changed from reading your blogs to listening to them and it is just so lovely to hear your voice in my house! Your descriptions are great – keep up the good work! Your trip sounds wonderful and the generosity and hospitality of the locals is one of the best things about it.

    Sharon XXX

  2. Sue Bevan says:

    Wow, Claire and Nick – you are doing SO well and it is all SO exciting. Today, 8 April, am heading back to Cape Town and let me know how your dates are going etc. Have just heard Nick saying Cheers – so Cheers and here’s to you all, boys too! London has been chaotic but fun and have caught up with Kasha! Much love Sue B

  3. elizabeth hurry says:

    wow – hope you’re ok just the two of you again – maybe relieved?
    hugs x

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