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Arrival in Cape Town – We’ve Made It

Posted by Claire Gillman on May 4, 2014

Cape Town

On the eve of our arrival in Cape Town, we stayed at an amazing farm near Hopefield in the Western Cape. Kersefontein farm is built in the Cape Dutch style and dates from 1770 – Julian Melck the current custodian of this wonderful group of buildings and working farm is the 8th generation of Melck to live here. It was like stepping back in time and the richly decorated rooms and all the antiquities were fascinating ( It was a much-appreciated touch of luxury after nearly four months on the road, and an interesting glimpse into historic South Africa.

Nick with our great friend, Sue Bevan at Kersefontein Farm

Nick with our great friend, Sue Bevan at Kersefontein Farm


Next morning, shortly after we left the farm, Table Mountain started to appear through the mist as a vague shape on the horizon. This was about 70km from our final destination – Cape Town. The shape grew bigger and bigger until this vast mountain eventually loomed over us as we entered the vibrant, ocean-bound city. We were following our friend Sue Bevan who had given us a great welcoming reception the night before at Kersefontein, and who is our host and guide while we’re here.

After over 11,000 miles travelling through Africa, we arrived at Cape Town with mixed emotions. We felt an overwhelming sense of achievement tinged with a little sadness that the adventure was coming to an end.

Arrangements for shipping the Old Girl back to England are underway and we have booked our return flights. We’ll be sorry to leave Africa but feel sure we will return.

Inspired by our trip, our great friend Sue is hosting a fund-raising event for the local visually impaired community before we leave, which reminds us….. If you would like to support the invaluable work of Henshaws, please make donations, however small, via our Just Giving page – see link on this website or go directly to

Thanks for joining us on our travels and sharing our adventures. We will keep you updated about our return, and that of the cruiser. And for those who are interested, we’ll be adding a blog on the mechanical ups and downs of driving a 16year old Landcruiser from the top to the toe of Africa.wo

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15 Responses to “Arrival in Cape Town – We’ve Made It”

  1. jean alger-green says:

    Fabulous! What an achievement! Enjoy these last few weeks and we look forward to hearing all about the adventure. Get home safe. Much love Jean and Jon xxxx

  2. elizabeth hurry says:

    OMG well done guys – happy birthday Nick – have fun during these final few days; knew you’d do it but still so overwhelmed by it – enjoy x

  3. Val and the KS boys says:

    A massive ‘well done’ Claire and Nick. You both look so happy and you’ve made so many people happy by completing this amazing journey.
    We’ve got the Savanna on ice! Safe journey home x

  4. Sue Senecal says:

    Lovely to see you both so happy – and all in one piece! Enjoy the rest of your time in Africa, really looking forward to seeing you when you get home xx

  5. Mary says:

    Hope it is clear for your ascent and the Land Cruiser makes it to see the penguins. Happy belated birthday to Nick.

  6. Karen says:

    What a fantastic adventure you’ve had! I’ve loved following you both down through Africa. I bet you can’t believe it’s all over after all that planning and looking ahead to it! Have a read of Browning’s Home Thoughts From Abroad – may help get you in the spirit for coming back home! Have a safe journey back, and can’t wait to see you back in Blighty, when’s the next curry night??? xx

  7. Kim brown says:

    Well done Claire& Nick…and still married,wow !
    Enjoy the rest of the trip,looking forward to hearing all about it.

    K xx

  8. Robert Yates says:

    Congratulations to you both – what an amazing adventure! Look forwards to hearing more about it.

    R & B x

  9. agent 001 says:

    Well done both – it’s some achievement and you both look remarkably
    well after the trip. Assume you had scrubbed up ahead of photo?
    Enjoy the last few days of your holiday and look forward to hearing about
    the highlights on your return …. although of course Claire you do have
    a book to deliver so focus and routine will be required – as tough a
    challenge as the trip you’ve been on!

  10. John Gillman says:

    What an epic!! Very well done Claire & Nick, looking forward to seeing you soon and hearing all the tales of adventure :-)

  11. Catherine Wilmore says:

    Congratulations you two!
    What a fantastic achievement. We have really enjoyed following your blog.
    I am going to Malawi with Katie on Sunday for 3 weeks to volunteer in an orphanage. Was feeling very apprehensive before reading your entry about Malawi………. now feeling excited! It looks beautiful.
    Look forward to comparing notes next time we meet xxx

    • How brilliant! You will have such an amazing time and the children will love having you and Katie there. Malawi is a fabulous country and the people are warm and welcoming. Alex also loved it when he volunteered there last summer. Thanks for following the blog and Imlook forward to hearing all about it when I see you next. Xxx

  12. Dave says:

    Thanks for sharing your journey and adventure with us, we’ve loved following your trip and now look forward to welcoming you back and cracking open a red or two.
    Much love, Dave, Jo and the kids x

  13. Jane chapman says:

    You are home at last – missed you but so glad you have both enjoyed the trip so much. Plenty of tall tales to be told, I’m sure! Get the kettle on; I’m on my way round for the real life face to face blog!! Xxxx

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