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Safari in Zambia

Posted by Claire Gillman on April 6, 2014

Giraffe comes to investigate

imageWe visited Luangwa National Park in Zambia with the boys this week and we were allowed to do the safari drive in our own car, which we loved. We had such a good day and saw so much game. As well as the lions, zebras, hippos, gazelles and monkeys, we were especially pleased to see a group of 13 giraffes grazing the top leaves of the trees together and gathering around to protect the babies. One giraffe in particular was completely I fazed by the car and came to take a closer look at us.

The Cruiser seemed right at home in the park and managed the tougher off-road sections with aplomb so that we were able to get up close to all the game.

The day finished with a fantastic sunset over the river as the animals came down to drink and the hippos came out to graze. One actually walked past the entrance to the restaurant as we ate our dinner.

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8 Responses to “Safari in Zambia”

  1. Sally Marr says:

    Great to hear you are having such a brilliant time with the boys. The picture of the sunset is really beautiful (the one of Nick and the friendly giraffe is pretty good too ! ) Love Sally xxx

  2. Jane chapman says:

    Now that sounds like a part of your trip I would enjoy! Love the elephant photo and the sunset looks wonderful ( what is the wild animal inside the cruiser in the photo with the giraffe ?!) So glad you are having a good time with A & G – carry on enjoying it all.
    Lots of love xxxx and hugs xxxx

  3. Fran says:

    So was that you driving Claire – I suspect it was the driver who managed the off road sections with aplomb, not just the car! (didn’t get airbourne this time though I take it?) Carry on having an amazing time!! x

  4. Mary says:

    Loving keeping up to date with your travels.

  5. elizabeth hurry says:

    gorgeous – just lovely – and Nick’s not bad either

    btw if you get to see Oscar before he gets banged up give him a hug from me!….

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