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Community Project in Malawi

Posted by Claire Gillman on March 27, 2014

Brilliant location
Makuzi beach - gorgeous

Makuzi beach – gorgeous

Balcony of bar

Balcony of bar

We have been staying with a remarkable family at Makuzi Beach Lodge. Lara and Brett Pollard and their sons Kyle and Ryan, are continuing the legacy of Lara’s mother, Jane Jackson whose vision it was to build the centre in this beautiful bay and to build a local school.

Sadly, Jane died in a paragliding accident in 1997 aged 45 before completing her dream. Lara and Brett are continuing the work she started. Firstly, they have secured funding for new, bigger school buildings and for extra teachers. The latest aim is to help to set up an art and music class and also, in time, to offer a feeding programme at the school with its own gardens. The Permaculture model they will follow teaches children about agriculture and nutrition and involves parents too.

Footnote: even in a paradise like Makuzi Beach, you are constantly reminded that you are still in wild Africa and you have to be resilient to live here. On our last night, a storm blew in off the lake and in the morning we saw that half the roof had been ripped off Lara and Brett’s house. We left them trying to get the raw materials to repair the damage before the next storm hits, and the whole local community were on alert in readiness to come and help.

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6 Responses to “Community Project in Malawi”

  1. Jean Alger-Green says:

    Hope you were not in the roof tent on the night of the storm!!! It does indeed look fabulous. Sounds like a very inspirational family. Not sure if you can get whatsapp there but have sent message. Much love Jx

  2. Thankfully we were in a beach chalet rather than the tent – we thought exactly the same thing!

  3. Dave says:

    What an incredible family; lets hope they fulfil Jane’s vision.

  4. Dave says:

    I’ll remind myself of their story when next I complain about losing a roof tile in the high winds we’ve been having back home.

  5. It was a really great place, Dave with truly lovely and remarkable people and we really enjoyed it.

  6. Mary says:

    Maybe they could link up with Trees That Feed. Congratulations to them.

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