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  • Before descending

    The Rock-Hewn Churches of lalibela

    Posted by Claire Gillman on February 20, 2014

    Memekia, our guide, picked us up after breakfast and we walked through town to the first of the monolithic churches. The entrance fee was expensive (£100 for two) but it was an amazing experience and, I believe, worth the expense. Astonishingly, at that time, we were the only tourists there. Again, we had this special Read more…


  • Great views in the Simian Mountains

    The Simian Mountains

    Posted by Claire Gillman on

    Ethiopia is a mountainous country that is very picturesque generally, but the Simian Mountains are breathtakingly stunning and of majestic proportions. The Cruiser did a sterling job climbing and descending countless mountain passes. On many occasions, the road descended into tracks that varied from deep sand to bull dust to sharp rocks. It was challenging Read more…


  • Drive to Khartoum

    Posted by Claire Gillman on February 11, 2014

    We decided to make up some lost time by driving directly to Khartoum from Wadi Halfa – a long drive through the Nubian Desert. It felt good to be travelling again and the scenery was spectacular. My sister-in-law, Joy who is a geologist would have been in ecstasy. It was a new Tarmac road – Read more…


  • Hieroglyphs at Solep Temple

    Solep Temple and Sai Island

    Posted by Claire Gillman on

    During our stay with Magdi in Wadi Halfa, we had a trip to Abri where we stayed in Magzoub’s Traditional Nubian Guesthouse. The highlight of the trip was a visit to Solep Temple. It dates back 3,600 years and was built by the same Pharoah who built the Temple at Luxor. You can certainly see Read more…


  • Our lovely hosts in Wadi Halfa

    Wadi Halfa and Unloading the Cruiser

    Posted by Claire Gillman on

    When we arrived on the ferry in Wadi Halfa, our contact, Magdi Boshara came on board and whisked us through customs, much to our relief. We were taken to an hotel on the outskirts of town where we received the news that we would have to wait six days for the car to arrive and Read more…


  • Western Desert

    The Western Desert

    Posted by Claire Gillman on February 1, 2014

    From Giza, we drove 1,000km through the Western Desert to Luxor. The scenery was so spectacular. It ranges from sand stretching as far as the eye can see in every direction to strange lunar landscapes. In some parts, theeat expanse is broken up with strange conical outcrops of rocks or tall stalagmites; in others, it Read more…


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