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  • Before Loading

    Au revoir Cruiser

    Posted by Claire Gillman on December 19, 2013

    Today we dropped the Cruiser at the Staples depot in Stockport. The team were waiting for us and, with stunning efficiency and professionalism, the old girl was whisked away and loaded into a container, ready for transportation to Felixstowe. From there, she’s bound for Alexandria, where we’ll pick her up in early January. Bon voyage! Read more…


  • Now got the tent strapped on. Hoping it will fit in container - otherwise will have to strap to the bonnet temporarily

    Photos of Cruiser’s Evolution

    Posted by Claire Gillman on December 15, 2013


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  • Scrapyard Challenge - New Ladder for the Land cruiser

    Scrapyard Challenge

    Posted by Claire Gillman on December 1, 2013

    We needed to get steps put on the Cruiser so we can get to what’s on the roof rack. Sourced a new pair and were rather shocked to hear they would cost in the region of £1,000. A bit beyond our budget so Nick managed to source a Cruiser being broken up at a local Read more…


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